Hi guys … Sorry for not being able to update as frequent as I wish to.

Already been overseas twice since the start of 2016 and I have been so caught up with work that I haven even send out my emails to my subscribers. That’s not a good thing!

Lesson One: Always send out emails regardless of what happen. If not you are paying for the autoresponder service for what!?

Finally today, I manage to get to sit now and do some of my personal stuff. Lately, I been so tired. The moment I reached home, I would just fall onto my bed and sleep. I guess as we get older, time just get faster! Weird isn’t it!

Another reason that I was not updating my blog was that I was very lost and aimlessly for the past few months. I felt no motivation nor discipline to do almost anything. It was as good as dead. The feeling totally sucks. I was complaining to my friends that I felt so aimless and lost. Pleasure or pain did not have much impact on me then. Nothing really interest me. It was just a routine and trap in a endless loop.

Somehow or rather, I managed to pull myself out and slowly begin to focus and clear my thoughts again. Phew! I do not know if I was stress or was I lonely. Anyway, I am glad that I am more motivated now and let push forward!

Lesson Two: Talk to someone when you are feeling down. Let your hair down when you are stress. Life is just too short, take some time to have fun 🙂

My plan and action doing my internet business hasn’t been idea and the good news is that ever since I joined this new company, I learned so much that I can finally set up my very own sales funnel!

In addition, as I am more determined to succeed this time round, I found myself an accountability partner to push each other and set up the funnel together. I was able to plan out my very first sales funnel. I think it will really be useful to anyone who wants to start an internet business.

Lesson Three: Get a accountability partner to push each other and work toward a common goal.

With say all that, I like to end this post wishing everyone a Happy 2016! I know it is late but it is always better to be late than never 😛


Break Free.. Be Happy..

From I M Jackson, post 2016

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OMG! 2 more months?

Time flies .. It is already November!

Left 2 more months to end of 2015. Time to reflect! What has gone right or what has gone wrong?

It is ok to make mistakes but don’t keep making the same mistakes again and again.. learn and grow up.. things may not always go the way we want but we must never give up!

There is only 2 more months left and there are much to be done.


Use this 2 months effectively and prepare for an even awesome 2016!

This shall be my shortest post ever.. Just to let you know that I am still around.. hehe~

Now back to business .. Good luck!

Break Free.. Be Happy..

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Stop Planning. Stop Thinking. Just Do It

Yoyo.. it been a looonnng time.. I wasn’t doing nothing. I actually started work and working for a legendary man. Yes, a legend in our IM industry. Just 1 month into work and I am filled of money making ideas!

But wait, what’s more important is putting all these ideas into actions. Stop planning, start doing. Don’t stop. Just start doing it.

In addition, I like to recommend you to get your FREE DotComSecrets book by Russell Brandon. It is a must read for all marketers, be it if you are a beginner or advance marketer. It is a great book to read but still, you need to implement the ideas. Take actions!

Being able to work behind the scenes to see how the grand master works and how money is generated like clockwork 24/7, how can I just give up on my goal? The money is just out there for you to grab it as long as you are willing to put in effort. It gives me faith that I will be able to do the same too and achieve my dreams. There are really many ways to make money from the internet but do not get distracted. Learn how you can be not distracted by clicking here.

The truth is that this industry will never die. This is because everyone wants their lives to improve and also increase their income. Money may not be able to give everlasting happiness, but without money, it will give you everlasting pain. Money is the tool to your dreams and many wants. The market is filled with hungry buyers but most of them only wants to have the magic ATM in which they want to buy the system and do not want to do any work after having a fantastic resource in their hand. How *Ironic* Sigh~

It is really a pity. You want to have a better life, a better income, but you don’t want to do anything about it. People like to complain and take things for granted and do not dare to make the changes or step forward to correct things. What has our generation become of? hmmm.. At times, I am also one of them. But I need to stop procrastinating. I do not want to live my life in regret.

Since, I have settled down in my work, it is time to gear up and continue working on my business. Stop start stop start is unhealthy for any business. It is a good thing I get to work for the Grand Master. This meant that I am always surrounded in the IM environment and that’s definitely good for me. I am really grateful for given this chance and I will make the full use of it. Thank you my mastermind group leader for helping me to get have this rare opportunity.

So, let’s do it!

Break Free .. Be Happy ..

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Organizing midst of chaos

Hello, I’m back! Not fully recovered but it has been exactly one month since I injured my left hand. The good news is that I can finally type a bit with my left hand. I still can’t clench my fist nor lifted my left hand up. Guess my left shoulder and left hand are injured pretty badly. Hopefully by end of the month my left hand could function at least 90%. I have visited the hospital and went to see the clinics on several occasions. Medicines did not help much and the doctor advised that it would take some time and up to me for the full recovery.

I learn to conduct my own physiotherapy at least twice a day. Everyday, I spend some time pouring HOT water over my shoulder and immersing my injured hand into hot water. I am not sure how hot it is but it is the maximum that my water heater can provide. Imagine there is some steam when the water is out of the shower head. That’s how hot the water is. Still, the soaking in hot water apparently works. I finally can move my fingers and thumb. Although there is little strength and my thumb is very tight, still an improvement.

Well, the injury kept me off track for a month. I am grateful for being alive and given another chance in which I can restart again. So, I have started sending emails to my dear subscribers and catching up with what I have lost. Midst of the chaos and recovery. I lost ample amount of time. Eventually, I realized that it still voice down to discipline and being organized is the key to discipline. Time to switch back to “working” mode!!

Today, let me share with you some tips that I personally use to help me be organized and stay focus on my daily task or long term objective.

1) Prepare a to-do list before you end work the DAY BEFORE – Yes, prepare it the day before. Right after you finish you daily work when you are about to leave the office or desk. Do not prepare it at the start of the work, it is less effective.

2) Start with the most urgent and important task – Have a main task and a couple of other objective to complete for the day but start working on what is the most important or urgent task. For example if you are building a list, start with a task that helps you build the list such as buying a soloads.

3) Work on your task for full 60 minutes cycle – Yes, work in a  cycle of 60 minutes so that you can be focus and prevent any burnout. Take a few minutes break after the full 60 minutes BUT DO NOT reach out to your handphone or social media. Rest your eyes and keep your brain refresh instead.

4) Stay away from social media!! – Yes, of course staying away from replying messages, liking photos or updating status will make your day more productive. You can do all this during meal breaks or after work. Keep in mind what is more important.
So, the above is 4 tips to help you be more organized and focus at work. Try it out and let me know if it helps you. Do share if you have other tips as well. Thank you in advance.

That’s all for me and I am going to do some soaking 🙂
Break Free .. Be Happy ..

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Down but not out – 3 things I learned

Hi guys … very sorry for the MIA (missing in action). The truth is, I had an accident 2 weeks ago and badly injured my left hand. At times, I feared that I can never use my left hand again T_T

Currently I am recovering and typing only with my right hand. So, everything become slower. Haiz. Still thank god I only injure my left hand and hopefully nothing more serious. Just hope that my left hand can recover as soon as possible. Somehow, my whole left hand hurts last night. Weird. Hopefully nothing bad.

Have to regain the momentum to do my stuff again and a big thank you to all my friends and family showing care and concern. Love you all <3

Here what I learned over this incident.

#1. Anything can REALLY happen

Yup, anything can happen. So cherish the people around you. What you are having today may be gone tomorrow. Me, you or anyone may be gone as well. Live today to the fullest. Sleep can wait (However if you are tired or sick, please rest). This is Life.

#2. Seek help when necessary

I injured my left hand and tried to take painkiller to stop the pain. It did not help and I struggled to bring myself to the hospital for a check a few hours later. Xrays are fine but I am worried about the ligaments and muscles now. So seek assistance when needed. The issue we faced is we do not know when to seek help or stubbornly refuse assistance. Similarity in work, business, relationship, health, seek help when necessary. You and I are not alone to fight the battle unless we think we are.

#3. Always be prepared for changes

The injury caused me to be unable to work properly. Are you prepare for a loss of income? Are you prepared if *suay suay* one day you are ill or if your family is well covered when *choy choy* you are no around anymore. These are very real incident that may happen and will happen. The bright side is that I know I am covered but maybe not well enough. Then the question is what about you? Are you prepared for any sudden changes. Most importantly, can you adapt to the new situation. Such as me using only my right hand for doing everything now. Imagine if it was my right hand that was injured, would I still be able to do the same? My injury struck me to really think about the future and be prepared for drastic changes.

With my handicap now, I just need to put in more effort to complete my daily task. Just need to be more focus and focus on my goals. Nothing will stop me. Nothing will stop you too. So always remember, we may be down but we will never be out! Stay positive! Be the change!

Alright. I hope you like what I had shared today. If you wish, share your own experiences on how you deal with certain life changes as well. Be it emotionally, financially or physically.

Break Free .. Be Happy ..

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Traffic – The Bloodline Of Your Internet Business

Reaching the last week of June soon and that means half of 2015 is going to be over. OMG! Time flies! I guess the older you get, the faster the time goes by. First half of 2015 has been a roller coaster ride. Grateful for everything that happens to me, whether it is good or bad. I knows everything happens for a reason.

It is the same for internet business. Whether the business is successful or not will have a reason. Although sometime I will attribute part of it to luck. Well, but you cannot forget the bloodline of the business, your customers. In every businesses, your customers are the bloodline. Without them, the business will collapse.

Therefore, similarity for internet business, you want visitors to come to your website. These visitors are known as the traffic and the source of your customers is the traffic. Hence, internet marketers refer traffic as the bloodline of the internet business.

The traffic to your sales page, landing page, websites, blogs are all potential customers. How successful is the business then depend on how well the website converts. So where do all these “traffic” comes from? There mainly 2 types of traffic: 1) Free Traffic 2) Paid Traffic.

1) Free Traffic
free trafficWe all like the word “Free”, especially on the online world. Free traffic obviously refers to visitors coming to your website at no cost. Typically, it may because the visitor found your website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. In which your website is ranked in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and they clicked on your website link to come to your website. You most likely heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which means that the marketers adopt techniques to try to rank his website as high up in the first page as possible when someone try to search for related information. This is one of the most common free traffic. There are also free traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter and etc. These social media allows users to gain free traffic as well. Also, content creation is another free traffic generator, you create valuable information and distribute it on the internet and link it back to your website. In addition, blogs commenting and forum commenting are also source of free traffic.

2) Paid Traffic
paid-trafficSo, you paid to get visitors to come to your website. The most common one is PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising such as Google Adwords or Microsoft Bing Ads. Even as I mentioned earlier that social media allows free traffic, you can also get paid traffic by using Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads. Also, you can also put up banner ads on other people website or even buy a soloads to ask a seller promote your website.

Paid traffic is usually more targeted as compared to free traffic. But nevertheless, free traffic can also be targeted at times. Paid traffic allows marketers to jump start their business while free traffic is a long term strategy. There are both pros and cons to both paid and free traffic. Free traffic takes time and hard work in order to see the effect while paid traffic can be instantaneous. My suggestion is that if you have the budget, go for paid traffic first but at the same time start working on the free traffic sources.

So never neglect traffic. The truth is without traffic, there won’t be any conversion and hence no revenue or profits. Therefore, as mentioned in one of my earliest blog post, one task that I do every single day is to drive traffic. Traffic is truly the bloodline of the internet business.

Hope you enjoy my post today. Let me know if you have any questions.

Break Free .. Be Happy ..

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One Life One Shot

Going to be one month soon. Time flies. It definitely has been an enriching experience for myself. This is literally the very first time I live alone. Some more, in a foreign land where I do not even know how to order a plate of chicken rice. Hahaz. It really tests my limits at times. Waking up early in the morning to battle ants and then doing everything myself. You get to learn to be truly independent. The cons are that it gets really boring at times and that you do not have anyone to talk to. You start to think if you still be able to converse normally. Your life become slightly more routine and discipline (in my case). It is really a very laid back lifestyle. Hopefully, I get pumped up after this trip.

If you ask me if I miss home? I don’t really know. But I do know that a lot of my friends and family are waiting for me back home. I greatly appreciate their love and support. *Muack* <3

I was scrolling through Facebook last night and I came across my classmates’ post:

“Life is short, don’t just exist, live it!

Hold on to the people who are precious to you, unless they choose to walk away.
Feels every emotion to the fullest, even the least popular ones like pain, fear, remorse or sadness. Muster courage to brave challenges in the day, even if you feel alone and helpless at night.
Eat your favourite foods as if mirrors and super models do not exist.
Fall hard in love even if you need to climb out of it someday.

Because you might not get a 2nd chance at it and because everything will eventually be fine. Otherwise, the only person you will disappoint is yourself and it’s on your deathbed.”

So true .. We never really get a 2nd chance. Even if the 2nd chance comes, it comes with condition. I am really a living example of following the quote. Doing things that I dream of doing and making it become a reality. Holding onto people that are so precious to me and feeling every emotions. This month in particular, I never felt so broken and lonely before and that pain is no longer pain. However, I also never felt so much love and support from my friends and family. Really a BIG THANK YOU! I love as if there is no tomorrow and give my all as if today is the last. I fall as hard as I can. Play as hard as I can. And be as real as I can. I always tell myself, the last thing I want is regret, not failure/

Regret is worst than failure in my opinion. I cannot fail if I never quit.

Mark-Twain-Quote1So it is time to take massive actions now! Preserve and move on! It is never too late to start. You just have to take the first step out!

You only got One Life, One Shot .. What are you waiting for??
Break Free .. Be Happy ..

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Many years ago, blogs are like personal online diary. People who use blogs started off blogging about their daily life, what did they do today, how was the food they ate. Then with the bloom of digital cameras, blogs also became more lively and contains more photos. Nowadays, blogs have become mini website and are more informative. With the help of WordPress, it can also become a business website.

Here are the types of blogs today.

A) Personal: The blog is about you. Your life and everything about you. This is the main type of blogs that many people have.
B) Business: Of course the next most common blog is business blogs. They can be used by professional to share their expertise and tips.
C) Organizations: Yup, big organization such as non-profits or schools use blogs to engage with their customers.
D) News: Reports of a particular industry news such as a Technology blog giving the latest updates or even a blog on politics, reporting about the parties’ activities.
E) Sports: Sharing the passion about your favorite team or athletes or sports.
F) Photography: Yes, there is a lot of photography blog which includes food reviews and travel reviews.

So, there are a few types of blogs as shown above. But, how is it that blogger like us can continue to blog day after day and continue to share valuable information? What are some of types of the blog post and how to come up with ideas constantly in order to write a post almost everyday?

If you are a pure writer, you may be writing effortlessly at the start. However, at some point of time, we may run out of ideas. Personally, I am not a good writer, not yet one. I have to research about the topic I wish to write before writing. In addition, I hope to give my readers the best true value as much as I can. Below are some of the tips in writing blog posts.

1) A review post – Yes, you can read a book, attend a seminar and write a review about it. Or even writing a product review. The post should discuss the pros and cons of the product and how it benefited you in any way.

2) An instructional post – An instructional post is usually a step by step guide on teaching others how to do certain things. For example, how do you set up your blog using WordPress.

3) A video post – Yup, it is getting very popular nowadays. Instead of just words or an article, you can do a video post! Podcast is also counted too!

4) A personal post – Show the insights of you so that you can also connect with the audience. It’s not necessary have to be related to your blog objective but it can allows others to see your life as well.

5) Rants! – Yes, you see it correctly. Rants. You can write controversial post on a topic. ie. Giving a different point of view compared with the rest of the world. But remember, do it in a nice manner and do not overly be critical or call other “names”.

6) A list post – This is one of the easiest blog post.  Basically, you have a main subject  and you list all the points and briefly describe them. For instance, this is a list post.

7) Guest posting – Do you do know that you can actually ask another person to contribute to your blog? We call it guest posting. You can do the same for others too.

If you have been reading my blog diligently, you will find that I have a mix of the postings as shown above. Sometime it is a personal post, sometime is is a list post or an instructional post. However, one more tip for you, read up on other people’s blog and see what others is doing to so that you can get some inspiration.

That’s all folk. I hope you have some great ideas on how to write your blog post now.

Break Free .. Be Happy ..

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The money is in the list~

The cliche term in internet marketing. If one day you come across “the money is in the list“, you know that the person is talking about internet marketing.  In terms of our industry, the list refers to a collection of email addresses from prospects, leads, subscribers and customers who had bought something from you or requested additional information from you. As my previous blog post mentioned, the money is actually in the relationship with the list. If you think about it, it actually applies to the traditional business as well. Not just internet marketing. For example, in networking session, you exchange contact with someone else and you are able to follow up with the contact when you have some offers that can benefit him or her and in the process gain monetary benefits. It is the very same principle as with internet marketing email list.

Building relationship with the list and providing value to them. Find out what problems they are facing and offer them the solution! Bingo!

Sounds easy? Yes, only sounds easy.

Let’s me show you a very common process of building a list and then building a relationship with the list in order to profit from within!

“YES, I want to learn now!” If you are echoing this in your head now, you just experience how marketers entice potential leads to provide them with their email address. hehe~

Step 1: Create a free valuable gift that you can give away. The gift needs to be related to the niche that you are in. For example, for making money online niche, you may want to create a free ebook on “Top 10 mistakes that online marketers must avoid”. If you are in the golf niche, then maybe, “How can you improve your golf swing with these 3 simple steps”. Did I say create? Yes, I did. But fear not, you can also use PLR or MMR products for creating the free gift. Please note that the free gift should be something that your potential subscribers will be interested with.

Step 2: Create a landing page or a squeeze page promoting your free gift. You will also need to get a autoresponder for collecting emails and also creating opt-in form for the squeeze page. A squeeze page promotes the free gift to the visitor and in order for the visitor to get the free gift, he will need to sign up for it by entering at least his email address. So, email address in exchange for the free information. Get it? The autoresponder is required so that you can do proper email marketing. I will not dwell into all the details of these at this moment but I hope you can understand the very basic steps. Below is a classic squeeze page for your reference.

lead_page_2Step 3: Talk to your subscribers. Ask them questions, ask them what is their problems. Share with them your personal stories and advices. Cheer them up, provide value to them. ALL VIA EMAILS. Yes, in this part you are trying to build a relationship with them so that you can understand their needs and wants. Also, please reply to the emails when they emailed you.

Step 4: Promote your affiliate offers, own products, Pay-per-lead programs. This is when the money comes. Ka-ching! Yes, you will email your subscribers offers that are useful to them. Offers that can help them bring their business to the next level or solve their problem.

Great, you just learn how to build a list from scratch. At least you have the knowledge to start doing so. If you are indeed doing it, let me know what problems you are facing so that I can do my best to help you. Feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

Break Free .. Be Happy ..

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Good morning my friends and loves <3 I been here for 3 weeks! Wow.. time flies. Looks like my “Home Alone” adventure may end soon but it is definitely a great experience!

Today, I am inspired by Gerald Soh’s blog post on “Five Things That Nobody Told You About Making Money Online” and decided to write my own version of “What you wished you knew before you start doing online business?”

#1 The money is in the list!!
All marketers could probably tell you that,”The money is in the list! The money is in the list!” Some will go deeper and say, “The money is in the relationship with the list!” That’s definitely true. There are many ways to build a list and after having the list, you constantly communicate with the list of subscribers to understand their needs and problems so that you can offer a solution to them and help them! This is one thing I wishes I would understand and knew when I first started out! With a list, then  you would be able to generate long term income. With a list, that’s when your income is scalable.

#2 Focus Focus Focus!
There are tons of ways that you can make money from the internet. Literally, so many innovative ways and methods. However, stick to one proven method and focus on it. As internet is an open space, you are bound to encounter “whats seems to be an easier” way to make money online. However, the truth is that if it was easy, anyone would be doing it. Instead of hopping around different methods. Focus on one and make it big! I went from HYIP to PPC to Article Marketing to SoloAds to PPC and back to SoloAds. Don’t make the same mistake as I did! Focus on one PROVEN method and work on it. It is already proven and hence it just depends on how fast you can succeed. Endure my friend!

#3 Content is King, Marketing is Queen and Consistency is the new Prince
Yes, this is what I painfully discovered after being in and out of the industry for 10 years. Now, I am determined to make it this time and not making the same old mistake! Internet marketing or online business is usually about information. Creating valuable content that benefits the community is great start to promote your brand. However, in order to promote, you need to market it. More importantly, you need to do both consistently.

My mastermind group like to ask this question”What have you done today to get new subscribers to your list?” In short, have you done your daily blog post (content) and distribute it on social media (marketing) and doing it daily (consistency)?

#4 It is NOT EASY
I repeat again. It is not easy as it looks. But after some time, it will be when you become more efficient and get better at it. This is BUSINESS. Real business requiring real effort. Sorry for repeating this so many times as I felt that you really need to drill this into your mind. Even while I was doing article marketing, I was writing 3 articles and day and spinning them and then distributing them on various directories. I was writing on a topic which I have no knowledge about! Feel my agony? Internet marketing is a great way to start your own business so that you can pursue your dream lifestyle but it is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. The only get-rich quick-schemes I known are either lottery, gambling or even insurance payout! It will not be easy but if you give up. Then, that’s the end of it.

I hope you like what I have shared today. Feel like to drop any comments and let me know what you think.

Break Free .. Be Happy

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