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Jackson Tan is the founder of IMJackson.com. Jackson is a food lover and loves Korean culture. His passion is in motivating others and also provide innovative ideas to his clients to improve their sales.

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Lamborghini For Your Boss Only?

Well, that is really the truth as long as you are working for someone else. Whether you are working in the civil sector or corporate world, the above picture illustrates the REAL WORLD. I have work experiences in both sectors. From my experiences in the civil sector,...

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Squeeze Page Elements Dissected!

In this blog post, I like to discuss about Squeeze Page. Firstly, what is a squeeze page? A squeeze page is a type of website known as a landing page or optin page. Why is it call squeeze? That is because the aim objective of the squeeze page is usually to collect the...

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ABC of Internet Marketing

Let me introduce you the a list of basic terms and acronyms used in the world of internet marketing. I called this the ABC of Internet Marketing. The list below is not exhaustive and pardon me if I miss out any terms. All these terms are used in my daily work. They...

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