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Jackson Tan is the founder of IMJackson.com. Jackson is a food lover and loves Korean culture. His passion is in motivating others and also provide innovative ideas to his clients to improve their sales.

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Thousands And Beyond

During my University days, I did Internet Marketing out of hobby, I was simply only blogging and churning out articles. I did not have a clear plan for monetizing it. It was a pity as that could easily be monetized if I had the knowledge then. Fresh out from...

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How I Made My First Dollar Online

In 2005, I made my first dollar from the internet. Here's a quick post about how I actually earned it! Back then, Google was just up and coming. Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, AOL were the popular search engines. Have you ever heard of some these names before? Some of you...

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What is Internet Marketing?

So what is Internet Marketing? I shall try to explain what Internet Marketing is in my own words. Basically as the name suggests, internet marketing means to market on the internet. So what to market on the internet? Actually, everything and anything, from services to...

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Why Internet Marketing?

Is it even possible to really earn money from the internet? 20years ago, maybe not. But now, it is definitely possible! Just look at how much Facebook is earning and Alibaba is earning. They are essentially internet business. REAL BUSINESS. Although the absent of a...

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