Hi! My name is Jackson Tan and I am just like you 🙂

I am not special, and neither do I have any extraordinary abilities. I was born in a family that was below average (by Singapore standards), where my dad was a taxi driver and my mom was a full-time housewife. I have a wonderful sister who is 9 years younger than I am, and she is an absolute bundle of joy to our family.

Over the past 10 years of my life, I’ve dabbled in multiple industries after graduating from the Number 1 University in Asia…

F & B Industry

Management Trainee Of A Well-Known F&B company Listed On Singapore Stock Exchange

Enforcement Industry

Senior Officer For One Of The Home Team’s Agencies Upholding Law And Justice

Education Industry

Manager At No.1 University In Asia Managing More Than 10 Millions Worth Of Assets

Online Marketing

Marketer For World’s Top Internet Marketing Pioneer Producing Hundreds Of Thousand Of Online Revenue

However, my passion lies in searching for ways to pursue “Happiness”. In the process, I started a blog named “Project H” during my University days and did multi-level marketing and internet marketing. Using these vehicles as tools to earn money, I tried to start my own online business overseas and unfortunately met an accident which caused me to abandon my plans and returned home.

Luckily, I managed to secure a job with one of the top Internet Marketing Pioneer and assisted him in his business. From here, I have learned the best kept secrets of running a successful internet business.

In 2 years, I had been to China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore to assist my mentor in transferring these skills to hundreds and hundreds of students.

Yet, I did not forget what I truly wanted, as a DREAMER, I dream of sharing the secrets to pursuing REAL HAPPINESS. I love to MOTIVATE people and make them develop their potential so that they can achieve their goals. As an ENTREPRENEUR at heart, I am now on a mission to share my knowledge in changing mindset, pursuing a happier life, building a sustainable internet business and teaching you exactly how you can do it too! Thus the birth of the following:

I M Jackson


Cash Cheat Code


Break Free Be Happy


In his free time, I am an avid Kpop fan and love Korean culture – Korean songs, drama and food. I am also the co-owner of Singapore’s first Online Korean Wave Community, SGKWave. I also likes Japanese anime especially Gundam and has collected more than 20 over models. Like most people, I enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with his loves ones.