Today, I like to share with you something that I learned over the past few years when I first tried to start my own online business. My own personal experience..

Internet. Google. Wikihow. Wikipedia. Forums.

The information on these websites is essentially free but there will be lots and lots and lots of marketers trying to sell you the magic ATM in which you just need to push a button and you will receive cash immediately.

If you encounter offers like this, please run away as far as possible. These are all *BS*. Money does not simply just drop from the sky. I need to emphasize again, online business is a REAL business.

You need to work hard and smart and if not more work as compared to running a real cafe or offline physical business.

Yes, you will easily be attracted to shiny object and have the urge to purchase whatever information that seems to be too good and able to help you in your internet business. There will happen frequently.

You can go ahead to purchase inexpensive products to see what are some of the things that people do but you may want to Google around for the review of the product first before buying. If you really want to buy, then get one with money-back guarantee. Yes, those that promise you a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

For example, my own product offers a money-back guarantee.

Wait, I thought the post is about how to avoid shiny objects! But I am actually encouraging you to buy stuff??

Hold on buddy, I have my reason for doing so.

Because I know some of you will not be able to resist the temptation! But in order to reduce your risk, I have provided some guidelines for you.

i) Research the product

ii) Check if there is any free review copy

iii) Money-back guarantee

Personally, I wanted success so much that I invested in $1997USD in a coaching program which never really delivered. It was supposed to be a one year program but turned into a two years program. And it only consisted of online video training.

I also jumped into PPC training so that I can learn more. Of course, by doing this, I know that I am not focus. I should be focusing fully on building my own business. So, now you understand about temptation. I know that at some point of time, you will give in and buy some products, I am not saying don’t buy, but buy with care and do your research or maybe even ask around.

Most importantly, after buying the product, learn from it and implement what is taught.

Therefore, in order to avoid shiny objects, you should first do your research. Do not ever believe that you can make money just by leaving your laptop on. HARD WORK IS A MUST.

Have a clear goal in your mind and what you like to achieve.

For me, the best way to avoid shiny object is to have a mastermind group.

A mastermind group is a group of like-minded individuals helping, motivating, guiding each others. So whenever, I have a question or encounter a product which I like to buy, I will seek advice from the mastermind group. That’s how it helps me and I hope it will helps you too.

Now that you are able to avoid the shiny objects, it is time to take massive actions. Start doing! Right Now!

Take care!