Many years ago, blogs are like personal online diary. People who use blogs started off blogging about their daily life, what did they do today, how was the food they ate.

Then with the bloom of digital cameras and smart phones, blogs also became more lively and contain more photos. Nowadays, blogs have become mini websites and are more informative. With the help of WordPress themes, it can also become a business website.

Here are the types of blogs today:

A) Personal: The blog is about you. Your life and everything about you. This is the main type of blogs that many people used to have.

B) Business: Of course the next most common blog is business blogs. They can be used by professionals or industry leaders to share their expertise and tips.

C) Organizations: Yup, big organization such as non-profits or schools use blogs to engage with their customers and community.

D) News: Reports of a specific industry news such as a Technology blog which give you the latest updates or even a blog on politics, reporting about the parties’ activities.

E) Sports: Sharing the passion about your favorite team or athletes or a particular sport.

F) Photography: Yes, there is a lot of photography blog which includes food reviews and travel reviews.

So, as you can see, there are a few types of blogs as shown above. How can a blogger continue to blog day after day and continue to share valuable information?

What are the various types of blog post and how to come up with ideas constantly to write a post?

If you are a pure writer, you may be writing effortlessly at the start. However, at some point of time, the possibility of running out of ideas may struck.

Personally, I am bad at writing. I have to research about the topic before writing. In addition, I hope to give my readers the best true value as much as I can.

Below are the different types of blog posts:

1) A Review Post

Yes, you can read a book, attend a seminar and write a review about it. Or even writing a product review. The post should discuss the pros and cons of the product and how it benefited you in any way.

2) An Instructional Post

An instructional post is usually a step-by-step guide on teaching others how to do certain things. For example, how do you set up your blog using WordPress.

3) A Video Post

Yup, it is getting very popular nowadays. Instead of just words or an article, you can do a video post! Video podcast is also counted too!

4) A Personal Post

A personal post shows the insights of you so that you can also connect with the audience. The post does not need to to be related to your blog objective and can be random personal things about your life. This allows your readers to know the other side of you.

5) Rants!

Yes, you see it correctly. Rants.

You can write controversial post on a topic. ie. Giving a different point of view compared to the rest of the world. But remember, do it in a nice manner and do not be overly critical or call other “names”.

6) A List Post

This is one of the easiest blog post. Basically, you have a main subject and you list down all the points and briefly describe them. For instance, this is a list post.

7) Guest Posting

Do you do know that you can actually ask another person to contribute to your blog? We call it guest posting. You can do the same for others too.

If you have been reading my blog diligently, you will find that I have a mix of the postings as shown above.

Sometime it is a personal post, sometime is is a list post or an instructional post. However, I have one more tip for you, read up on other people’s blog and see what others is doing to so that you can get some inspiration.

That’s all folk. I hope you have some great ideas on how to write your blog post now.

Hope it helps.