Everyone has 24 hours everyday. But each one of us uses time differently. In this rapidly changing world and fast-paced environment, we are always juggling with many things at one time.

In addition, there is a lot of distraction such as mobile phone and social media. It becomes difficult to stay focus and be organized.

So how can you stay focus and stay organized in the midst of chaos?

Today, let me share with you some tips that I personally use to help me be organized and stay focus on my daily task and long term objective.

1) Having A To-Do List

The trick is to prepare a to-do list for the NEXT DAY before you end work. WRITE IT DOWN.

Yes, write down the different tasks that are required to be done for the next day. Do this right after you finish your daily work when you are about to leave the office or desk. Do not prepare it at the start of the work, it is less effective.

This helps you to stay focus and keep track of what needs to be accomplished on the day itself.

If there is other tasks that needs to be accomplished on the same day, then re-look at the list.

This brings us to the second tip.

2) Start With The Most Urgent Task

Your to-do list should have a main task and a couple of other objectives to complete for the day but start working on what is the most important or urgent task.

For example if you are building a list, start with a task that helps you build the list such as buying a soloads.

If there is sudden urgent task that needs to be accomplished immediately, then work on it when you are done with the current task or immediately if required.

3) Productive 60 Minutes

Work on your task in full 60 minutes cycle so that you can have a productive non-stop 60 minutes.

This is to make sure that you can remain focus and prevent any burnout and hence increase your productivity.

Take a few minutes break after the full 60 minutes BUT DO NOT reach out to your mobile, internet or social media. Rest your eyes and keep your brain refresh instead.

Also do not go to pantry but you can drink water or stretch your body. Only take a longer break when you completed at least 2 cycles of productive 60 minutes.

4) Stay Away From Social Media

Yes, of course staying away from replying messages, liking photos or updating status will make your day more productive.

You can do all this during meal breaks or after work. Keep in mind what is more important.

Do not open other non-work related tabs on your internet browser. If listening to music helps you stay focus, you can listen to music.

I hope the 4 tips are useful for you to help you be more organized and focus at work. They may seem very obvious but you need to useĀ  them so that they can help you.

Try them out and let me know your results. Do share with me if you have other tips as well by leaving your comments. Thank you in advance.