Well, that is really the truth as long as you are working for someone else.

Whether you are working in the civil sector or corporate world, the above picture illustrates the REAL WORLD.

I have work experiences in both sectors. From my experiences in the civil sector, your career is probably already pre-plan even before your first day of work. In this “meritocracy” environment, the education level is the prerequisite for many entry level work and they loves scholars.

Scholars are anyone who had some form of education scholarship.

These scholars’ career paths in the civil sector are generally fast-tracked to higher management positions.

Unless you are in good books of the higher up (whether by highly praised positive workmanship or relationship), your career path is likely to be neglected and slow.

The same rule applies to the corporate world too. But the good news is that your work results can get you more limelight as compared to the civil sector.

However, regardless of what you have contributed, the company or the agency is never yours. (Unless you own part of it, then you are not an employee) All your hard work will eventually be benefiting your BOSS. It is likely that most of the time, they are the ones claiming the credits as well.

Let’s face this harsh unspoken truth.

I am sure you have been hearing that the old school of thought of going to school, get a stable job and your life will be happy, is not effective now.

Sorry, but this no longer works for most of the people.

We are not born to just WORK and DIE.

You need to be working for a purpose.

I am sure that purpose is not to help your boss get a brand new Lamborghini every year. Even though I know that some of you won’t mind.

But that is perfectly fine.

Everyone has their lives and wishes.

But for those who are not willing to just stay in this way, you’ll need to start building your “sideline income”. More importantly, your PASSIVE INCOME.

There is nothing wrong about having a job and at the same time build up your passive income.

In fact, I’ve written a post on how you can exactly do so.

Read more about by clicking here.

I am not sure about other countries, but in my country, moonlighting is particularly detested and could cost your job. If you are working in civil sector, moonlighting is totally not tolerated.

Regardless of what financial problems you may have or whether is it just growing your sideline income, moonlighting is not allowed.


This is because your higher ups in the company or agency rather you focus your effort on building the business so that the company can grow and do better. The company is afraid that you would neglect your current job if you are going to build a sideline income.

Who says that if I start to build my own sideline income and I could not be able to give my best to the company? BS!

There was once I was applying for an apprentice position and I was told straight in the face that you cannot practice what you have learned outside on your own. You are expected to contribute to the company and grow with the company instead.

I can totally understand where is the boss coming from. And if I have my own employees, I probably could place some restriction like this too.

But you shouldn’t be discouraged totally from building your own passive income.

We are in the era where the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. If you are the rich, you probably already knew that you need to invest and make money work for you.

Here’s another proven method to make money work for you.

If you are financially poor, you are stuck in the mindset of not having the ability to invest or having the extra money to make it work for you, then you need to start somewhere and I got the perfect solution for you.

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There is no excuses unless you like to prove your worth by getting a Lamborghini for your boss and not one for yourself, then that’s fine.

Live for yourself and your family.

I hope this post wakes you up a little. Sorry for the rants~

Have a great week ahead.