In 2005, I made my first dollar from the internet. Here’s a quick post about how I actually earned it!

Back then, Google was just up and coming. Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, AOL were the popular search engines. Have you ever heard of some these names before? Some of you probably would. Those were the days of dial-up internet, NeoPets, GunBound, IRC and the downloading of MP3 songs. Internet speed is horrible if you compared to today’s internet speed.

In 2005, I was still serving the National Service and I wanted to be self sufficient and be able to pay for my own University fees. However, I ended up with a total debt of $30,000 after I graduated.

I was first introduced to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and then to Internet Marketing. I was astonished by the power of the income generated in MLM and joined it subsequently. I did not have much success in it but it totally blown me away and I learned a lot about it. After that, I ventured into Internet Marketing.

So I started was actually joining an online program. There were many HYIP (High yield investment program) and also bitcoin like e-currency companies. There were e-gold, e-bullion and many others. Today, there are still many such programs but most are probably ponzi scams. Just remember, there is no FREE Lunch in this world. Anything that promises you high returns without any input or work from you is probably going to cost you money.

My first dollar was actually earned because I invested in a bitcoin-like company. This company happened to have PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising and I simply used the PPC advertising to promote a ClickBank product. I was promoting a lottery / lotto product. My first sale came within a week! Ka-ching $17USD. Back then, before the sub-prime crisis, $17USD worth nearly $29SGD and $29SGD spending power can be equivalent to $50SGD now.

I was thrilled after earning my first dollar online. After that, I got a few more sales and I received a cheque of about $100++USD from ClickBank. I took a photo of it but I can’t find the photo right now.. sad 🙁

Unfortunately, my investment with this bitcoin-like company went downhill. I lost about $1500SGD instead. Lost another $13,000 in my MLM business. Then, I was only 21 years old. With all the debt, I decided to focus on my study. But doing business has always been at the back of my mind. I just lack of the clear idea of what business I want to do.

I even went from enrolling in Science Course and eventually reapplied for Business Administration Course before enrolling into the University.

In my next post, let’s talk about earning thousands.. from the internet..

Have a nice weekend ahead!