For anyone who wants to create a website, you will need to have minimally your own domain name and web hosting. This is to ensure the website that you are going to build truly belongs to you.

Domain and web hosting are basic necessities for any online business.

If you want to build a long term sustainable online business, it is advisable that you collect leads and keep your own database of prospects and customers’ contacts. In this such, you will definitely need an autoresponder.

Domain Name

Domain name is the address of the website. It tells visitors the exact location of the website on the internet. A domain name usually costs about $10USD a year.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is the space / area in which the website it built on. Web hosting costs about $10USD a month.

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An autoresponder is a program that allows you to collect personal contact details from your prospects and customers. It usually collects at least the email address.

This program also helps you to manage the contacts like a database and enables you to communicate with them by sending emails to them. There are many autoresponders available in the market.

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