Yoyo.. How’s everyone doing? Sorry for not posting as regularly. Was planning and deciding on my next big move. Haha. Let’s get back to business today and discuss about Solo Ads.

If you are new to the internet marketing industry, I am quite sure you have not hear about this term before.

Even when I encountered it myself, I found no relevance between the term and the concept behind it. But, I must say Solo Ads Business is one of the easiest ways to start your internet marketing journey, be it part time or full time 😀

But is it really all rosy and no thorns?

Here is an unbiased review of the solo ads business itself!

Imagine this, you send out an email to recommend some resources that you thought might be useful for your subscribers.

Maybe, you send an email to 100 subscribers and 10 of them open the email and 3 of them are interested in the resources and clicked on the link that you have provided to access the resources.

What if, I tell you, for every person who clicks on the link to gain access for the resources, you get to earn $0.50USD?

Therefore, if 3 person click on the link, you earned $1.50USD. So if you have more subscribers and maybe eventually there are 100 people who are interested in the valuable resources and click the on link, then you earn a cool $50USD,

All for just sending emails…

The best part of it, you can send email everyday!

Do you get the picture now? That is the essence of the Solo Ads business.

To send out emails to deliver clicks.

Yes, sounds cool and simple right?

Solo Ads is actually considered a form of direct advertisement in which the provider has a list of ready subscribers and then he sells the “clicks” to a buyer who wishes for the provider to advertise his website or squeeze page.

Solo Ads is mainly use for list building. The clicks are usually sold in a package of 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 and above.

Believe it or not, some vendors can deliver up to thousands of unique clicks, meaning, each click is actually clicked by a unique person.

So, for beginners, they use Solo Ads to build their list rapidly and once they have the volume, they start to sell Solo Ads as well. Of course, there is more to it when it comes to Solo Ads business. There are various ways to kick start the Solo Ads business and you can even buy a list from a vendor to immediately sell Solo Ads. (Totally not recommended)

However, as simple as it may be, there are many fine details to take note. Such as setting up your squeeze page, getting your One-time-offer (OTO), clickbanking partners, tracking links and autoresponder.

It might sound like a hassle to you but trust me, it is not that difficult after all.

Based on my experience, the difficult part will be consistency after all the things had been set up. Even though I say that it can be done part-time, you still need to contribute an hour or two every single day to make the things work.

That’s it, a simple explanation about the Solo Ads business.

Personally, I had tried to build the business but without much success. It is the easiest way to start building a list and definitely more doable for a beginner. But like I mentioned earlier, you’ll need consistency and a bit of luck.

You need to get the quality subscribers to your list as well.

Today, there is too make fake clicks and bots that can ruin your solo ads business. There is also an increasing numbers of re-sellers and unethical sellers.

I am not saying that you cannot do it now but it will take some good fortune and funds to build your list before you start selling solo ads. It is not as easy as compared to 5 years ago. You are still able to do it if you are willing to build and grow it.

If you like to find out more details on how you can start it too, simply email me at jackson@imjackson.com or leave a comment below. Don’t worry, I do not charge any consultation fees at the moment, so take advantage of it!

Mind you, because I made so many mistakes while building this business, I can provide insights and advise on what are the easiest way to get started and also what to avoid.

Lastly, wishing you an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!