In this blog post, I like to discuss about Squeeze Page.

Firstly, what is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a type of website known as a landing page or optin page.

Why is it call squeeze?

That is because the aim objective of the squeeze page is usually to collect the contact detail of the visitor. Most of the time it will contact at least the email address of the visitor.

It can also collect name, phone number, address and any other details about the visitor.

Hence it is designed in a way to “squeeze” the detail out of the visitor.

The page can be plain and simple and even ugly looking. While at times, it can be complex, filled with content but beautifully designed.

There are a few variations of a squeeze page.

1) Content Squeeze Page

This is a basic form of squeeze page and it contains text and some images to tell the visitors why they should be entering in their email addresses.

2) Video Squeeze Page

As the name suggests, the page contains a video telling the visitors why they should enter their email addresses.

3) Hybrid Squeeze Page

This page contains both video and text to explain why the visitors should enter their email addresses.

Regardless of which kind of squeeze pages, there are few elements of the squeeze page that will be there.

A) Headline

The headline tells the visitors what to expect to find if they put in their email addresses.

B) Call To Action

This is to instruct the visitors what to do so that they can obtain the information that the squeeze page is offering them.

C) Optin Form

This is the part when it is connected to your autoresponder and collects the email address and brings the visitor to another page which the page’s owner like to showcase to the visitor.

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You can see one example below.

As you can see from the picture.

The headline is “Discover The Secrets Of How An Ex-Dishwasher Earns An Extra $1,097.22 FOR EVERY SINGLE MONTH And Shows You How You Can Do The Same Too!”

The call to action is “Put your best email below to receive instant access to this Passive Income System now!”

And lastly, there is an optin form with a button saying “Get Instant Access”.

As mentioned earlier, the aim objective of a squeeze page is to collect the contact detail of the website’s visitor.

What we internet marketers like to achieve is to collect the email addresses so as to be able to communicate and follow up with these visitors.

These visitors become our leads or prospects.

With the help of the autoresponder, we can continue to follow up with them and recommend potential solutions to help them solve their problems.

That’s where the money is made.

So the squeeze is the essentially the start of a simple sales funnel.

If you like to learn more details about how it works, simply contact me or leave a comment.

Thank you and have a nice week ahead!