The Money Is In The List.

The cliche term in internet marketing.

If one day you come across someone talking about “the money is in the list“, you’ll know that the person is talking about internet marketing.

The list refers to a collection of email addresses from prospects, leads, subscribers and customers who had bought something from you or requested additional information from you.

The truth is that, the money is actually in the relationship with the list.

If you think about it, it actually applies to traditional business as well. It is not just for internet marketing.

For example, in networking session, you exchange contact with someone else and you are able to follow up with the person when you have some recommendations that can benefit him or her and in the process gain monetary benefits.

It is the very same principle as with internet marketing email list and any other email list.

The key is in building a relationship with the list and providing value to them. You need to find out what problems they are facing and offer them a potential solution! Bingo!

Sounds easy? Yes, only sounds easy.

Let’s me show you a very common process of building a list and then building a relationship with the list in order to profit from within!

“YES, I want to learn now!”

If you are echoing this in your head now, you just experience how marketers entice potential leads to provide them with their email address. hehe~

Step 1: Create a free valuable gift that you can give away.

The gift needs to be related to the niche that you are in.

For example, in the make money online niche, you may want to create a free report on “Top 10 mistakes that online marketers must avoid!”.

If you are in the golf niche, then maybe, “How can you improve your golf swing with these 3 simple steps”.

Did I say create?

Yes, I did. But fear not, you can also use PLR or MMR products for creating the free gift. If not, you can always pay someone to create it for you.

Please note that the free gift should be something that your potential subscribers will be interested in getting so that they will provide their email addresses.

Step 2: Create a landing page or a squeeze page promoting your free gift.

You will also need to get an autoresponder for collecting emails and also creating opt-in form for the squeeze page.

A squeeze page promotes the free gift to the visitor and in order for the visitor to get the free gift, he will need to sign up for it by entering at least his email address.

So, the email address in exchange for the free information. Get it?

The autoresponder is required so that you can do proper email marketing. I will not dwell into all the details of these at this moment but I hope you can understand the very basic steps.

Read more about squeeze page here:

Step 3: Talk to your subscribers.

Ask them questions, ask them what is their problems. Share with them your personal stories and advices. Cheer them up, provide value to them.


Yes, in this part you are trying to build a relationship with them so that you can understand their needs and wants. Also, please reply to the emails when they emailed you.

Step 4: Promote your affiliate offers, own products, pay-per-lead programs.

This is when the money comes. Ka-ching!

Yes, you will email your subscribers affiliate offers or your own product that are useful to them. Offers that can  potentially help them bring their business to the next level or solve their current problems.

Great, you just learn how to build a list from scratch. At least you have the knowledge to start doing so. If you are already doing it, let me know what problems you are facing so that I can do my best to help you.

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Have Fun Building A Relationship With Your List!