During my University days, I did Internet Marketing out of hobby, I was simply only blogging and churning out articles. I did not have a clear plan for monetizing it. It was a pity as that could easily be monetized if I had the knowledge then.

Fresh out from university, I only have one goal in mind, to clear my debt as fast as possible. I found a job and started working immediately.

I did not have any grad trip and my first job’s salary was pathetic as it was post subprime. The cost of living in my country is considered as the most expensive in the world and hence, I could not do much with my salary except to save it for my load.

It did not take long before I switched to serving the government to get a better pay.

I managed to clear most of my debts and loans by the 2 years.

My itch to do my own business got the better of me and with the help of the same friend who introduced me Internet Marketing, I embarked into trying to make more money from the internet again.

Soon, I was back in the internet business while working full time. I was working shift hour and hence, I have more time for myself since everyone else was not available when I am on off.

I wanted some extra cash and I did article marketing and direct linking. Yes, all I did was to pay someone to write articles for me at the start and then I distributed them on the internet.

Did it worked?

You bet it worked! That is how I earned my first thousand dollars from the internet.

Again, I was promoting another gambling product.

Next, I started writing 3 short articles DAILY. Giving gambling tips and distributing it on the internet with a promotion link at the end of the article to promote the gambling product.

How did I do that?

Remember I told you about the paying someone to write for me? I had already used up these articles and hence, I rewrote them again using my own words and putting in new information. And that did the trick 🙂

How much was my commission?

Firstly, guess how much is the product?

It costed the buyer $197USD!!

So my commission is a cool $97USD for every single sale.

I had made more than 10 sales and thus earning more than a thousand dollar. All, by using my spare time to write articles and distributing it. The money was good, but my effort died off.

Also, Google Panda, Penguin strikes and the articles criteria got tighten. The promotion method became less effective. You will need very unique and informative content nowadays and rewriting them will not help much.

So, the truth is that Internet Marketing works.

You need to treat it as a real business, real work in order to benefit from it.

Talk to you soon!