Good day everyone! How is your week coming along?

As an internet marketer, there isn’t much difference to us which day is it of the week, because we are constantly on our desktop or laptop working. It is not like your normal 9-5 job and having a break on Saturday and Sunday.

Lucky for me, I used to work shift work and hence, I do not really have a mindset of weekdays, weekends or public holidays.

Basically it is the same to me everyday. If you want to have your fixed Saturday and Sunday, then internet marketing is not for you. However, if you are interested to make more Saturdays and Sundays, then internet marketing is the way to go!

Today, let me briefly discuss with you what is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing to me is a popular form of internet business model that almost all internet marketers will engage with.

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing in which an affiliate (the marketer) promotes a product or service and gaining monetary benefits in the process when a sale or specific desired action by the visitor is made.

In affiliate marketing, there are usually these 4 components:

a) Network – The platform where you can find various products or service to promote and get paid!

b) Merchant – The person or company or vendor owning the product or service and listing it on the network for affiliates to promote. Sometime, the merchant does not list his products on a public network and instead has it own network.

c) Affiliate – People who advertise the merchant’s product or service in order to gain commissions.

d) Customer – Visitor who eventually buy the product or service through the advertising effort of the affiliate.


Affiliate promotes Merchant‘s product and gains commission after a Customer buys the product.


One of the most popular networks for finding digital products to promote is Clickbank. Picture this, I actually receive my first USD cheque from Clickbank 10 years ago! I was promoting a lottery product using Per-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Clickbank has evolved and there is a lot more products to promote nowadays. Check out this product in which lets you make money on demand! Click here now!

You see, I just tried to promote a product to you. 😛

If you buy the product thought the link I provided earlier on, then, I gain a commission. This is one of the ways to do affiliate marketing.

There are many methods and one of the most common method is to do email marketing. It means to build a list of potential customers and promote valuable products or services via emails to solve their problems.

You also also use content marketing such as doing product reviews, video reviews, or providing related content to promote the product. For instances, you can blog or write affiliates.

Another method is to do PPC advertising which I did many years back.

Now, there is more options available with social media and you can tap on the growth of social media to do affiliate marketing as well. Pinterest, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads are some social media platforms that you cannot neglect when doing affiliate marketing.

So now, if you like to find out more about how you can start doing simple affiliate marketing and earn a extra few hundred dollars a month, please contact me immediately!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions as well, I be glad to help you in any ways I can 😀

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