So what is Internet Marketing?

I shall try to explain what Internet Marketing is in my own words. Basically as the name suggests, internet marketing means to market on the internet.

So what to market on the internet? Actually, everything and anything, from services to physical products to even finding a soulmate. Whatever you can imagine in catering to anyone’s needs or wants, you can market it on the internet. The best part is that whoever has access to the internet is a potential customer for your service or product.

Sounds simple and cool right? However, it takes more that just simply understanding the concept to make it work.

Massive correct actions need to be taken in order to achieve the desired result. It is all about consistent effort of testing, measuring, tweaking and scaling.

For example, I am earning about $1.30 per day, see the impact when I scale my earning to $130 per day. That’s a cool $3900 per month. WOW! Of course, it isn’t a lot compared to someone earning 5 figures a day. But that is a good start.

The most basic form of internet marketing is driving traffic to an offer and selling the offer. If the offer is sold, you earn the moolah~


So Internet Marketing is about finding the right traffic and the right offer. Of course, you do not want to promote any junk product that isn’t useful at all.

There are many types of traffic and the same applies to offers. Traffic is generally categories as paid traffic and free traffic. As for offers, there are many types and I shall not dwell into that at this moment.

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Internet Marketing has evolved over the past 10 years. But the fundamental remains the same. It is still about driving traffic to the offer.

There are also many variation of the business models that one may try to chase the trend or find the magic silver bullet. The truth is, there is no shortcut or magic button. Everything is about testing and doing it consistently.

Internet marketing as I emphasize is a real business. There is quite a huge amount to work to be done in order to be successful. Research is one key factor in succeeding in this online business. Time is also another important factor. I have seen people who hit the jackpot on the first day but unable to sustain. There are also cases of successful marketers who are able to constantly repeat the feats and live a dream lifestyle.

So, in short, Internet Marketing is a form of business that you advertise a product or service on the internet. If the customer buy the product or service , then you earn 🙂

Take Care