Today will be a quick post about why marketers fail?

There are 12 reasons which are discussed in one of the webinars that I attended earlier. They are as followed:

1) Mindset

With the wrong mindset mindset, it is hard for you to achieve things that you want. Period. How much do you want success? Do you want it as bad as you want to breath?

2) Giving Up

If you quit, you failed. There will always be obstacles ahead. It is how you choose to overcome them. By giving up too early and easily, you will not be successful.

3) Being Scared Of Failure

Yes! If you are afraid, fear will make use of you and you will not be able to contribute your best. A popular question asks you: “What is on the other side of fear?”

4) Wanting To Earn Money For Doing Almost Nothing

Exactly, internet marketing is real business. You do nothing, you get nothing. Money does not just drop from the sky. You need to put in effort in order to make the business works for you.

5) Herd Mentality

If you are just constantly following, how you do expect success? You will always be one step behind them.

6) Not Building A List

Yes, absolutely, I will always regret not building a list ever since venturing onto online business. Building a list is the sure-way to a long-term sustainable and profitable business. Not building a list equates to drinking water to curb your hunger pangs.

7) Jumping From One Product To Another

By jumping around, you are not focusing. Maybe the product is not suitable for you but you need to maintain focus in order to succeed. Buying products do not make you rich. Only by focusing, learning and implementing what is taught is going to lead you to success.

8) Only Thinking About The Money

It is about how you can provide value to the community rather than always thinking about how to earn the money from people. Eventually, it is not really about the money anymore.

9) Creating Poor Quality Products

Since it is an internet business, everything you do, you will be scrutinized. A poor quality product will affect your reputation and an lasting negative impact. Uphold your brand and reputation by providing valuable products and services.

10) Thinking That The World Owes You

Come on, you have to take charge of your own life. Stop blaming others. The world owes you nothing. This world is never going to be fair to you. Accept it and create your own future.

11) Not Being Prepared To Help Others

If you do not help others, don’t expect others be willing to help you. You may be working behind the computer screen but your clients are all human and prepared to assist them when required.

12) Thinking It Is Easy

Totally spot on! It is not easy my friend but you need to take the first step to start. If it is easy, everyone will be doing it by now.

Don’t let these become your weakness and stop you from succeeding.

Good luck!