It is a new week and I like to share with you something about writing books. My friends and I went to a workshop where a digital nomad named Danny was sharing about: “How to Dominate Amazon Kindle With Multiple Bestsellers“.

I learned a few things and like to share the key points with you guys.

Personally, I had been thinking about writing my own book for a very long time but failed terribly when siting down to write it.

I guess the most difficult thing for most people is actually to sit down to write the book.

Why Do You Want To Write A Book?

Danny started his presentation that everyone should write a book at some point in their lifetime and I totally agreed with him.

Writing a book is like a personal gateway to your own self. Depending on the type of book that you are aiming to write, most of the time, you will be writing things that you knew or is an expert at.

In this way, it improves your understanding with the topic. This is like how teaching someone improves your knowledge in the subject.

Benefits Of Writing A Book

Books are also very good “name card” to provide credibility to your brand name.

Branding yourself as author or bestselling author elevates your status immediately.

Danny also pointed out that it can provide a substantial passive income if you can continue to sell the book.

Getting The Book To Be Bestseller

One of the ways to do that is to dominate a specific book category in Amazon and optimize the books sales using SEO.

This may be slightly challenging if you are not familiar with SEO.

On the other hand, if you are unable to write the book, you can outsource it.

Promoting The Book

How you are marketing the book will affect the sales.

Danny mentioned that you need to get to the drive as many downloads as possible to secure the #1 spot on the charts within your category.

Hence, you need to plan a marketing plan to do that. Some of the tactics includes providing free downloads and promote on social media.

Next, you need to constantly do the promotion in order to drive consistent sales so that you can earn a passive income.

Lastly, rinse and repeat the process!

Writing a book and offering it for free has become one of the most used marketing strategies by online experts to collect leads.

Now, it is time to sit down and really plan how I can write my book.

Hope you gain some insights today.


PS: Thanks Danny for his generous sharing at the workshop and you can connect him via Facebook at @dandanflood